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SoothSoft Canine Cooler 36" X 48"

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Product Description

CC3648 SoothSoft Canine Cooler 36 X 48
Canine Cooler Instructions

  • Cool your hot dog!
  • Unique, unparalleled fluid support.
  • Maintenance free bed, easily wiped clean.
  • The only bed that can actually treat and comfort injuries.
  • Two year warranty - the best in the bed business.
  • Proudly made in America!
Product Description

The Canine Cooler dog bed uses SoothSoft Comfort Technology to give your dog comfort that is second to none. The fluid-enhanced design offers a dry, long-lasting cooling effect, combined with a superior cushioning support. No refrigeration is necessary. SoothSoft Comfort Technology works at room temperature.

This pad is perfect for dogs that are always hot or panting (which means year-round in your 78-80 degree home). While we think every dog should have a Canine Cooler, it is especially good for dogs with canine arthritis, calluses, thick coats, excess weight, Cushing’s Disease, hygromas, short muzzles, or dogs who are old, very large, sleep on hard floors, and are recovering from surgery or illness.

The Canine Cooler is puncture proof, non-toxic, and completely maintenance free! Other pet beds allow fleas to burrow and lay eggs, but the smooth surface of the Canine Cooler is easily wiped clean.

A Canine Cooler Brand Pet Bed ensures that your pooch will have a constant cool spot in summer and relief from the furnace and fireplace heat in the winter. The cushiony support is great for vulnerable joints all year.

Canine Cooler is a dog bed that will help keep your dog content year-round. It is non-electric, non-toxic, paw-puncture proof*, and easy to clean. Fleas hate the cool environment but dogs love it.

The summer months can be brutal to your dog. Dogs are much more susceptible to heatstroke than humans because of their fur coat and lack of sweat glands. Dogs try to cool themselves off by panting but this is less efficient than sweating, so they tend to suffer more from heat. Dogs with thick coats are especially vulnerable to heatstroke as are dogs with pushed-back faces such as Bulldogs, Pugs and Boxers who have smaller airways so they have less ability to blow out hot air.

The Canine Cooler is an excellent antidote. Use it indoors, outside (away from direct sunlight), and in the crate for traveling. This pad eases heat discomfort, joint problems, skin disorders, hip problems and more.

The Canine Cooler's outer membrane is 20 mil thick - tough enough to park a truck on and not pop! In fact, we guarantee the bed against claw puncture for two years. However, as tough as this NON-TOXIC membrane is, it will not harm your dog should the bed be chewed by accident.*

Made in the USA and guaranteed for two years.

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